“GOOD MORNING RICHARD” by Stephanie Schriver


This is my husband in the morning!  Hand built slab clay and hollow construction using only clay armature.  “Good Morning Richard” is the first of a family series including the grandfather, grandmother, father, teen age grand daughter and two year old son.   Hand painted glazed stoneware fired as two pieces, fitting together at the waist, similar to a cookie jar with lid.

32″ H X 14″ W X 18″ D   NFS




THE ORNITHOLOGIST is the Father figure in my humorous family.  Hollow clay construction, impressed patterned vest, pockets filled with bird food and maps, removable hat showing a bald head.   He was sold right out of the kiln!

100_6524100_6400BEDTIME STORY this little brother is in my humorous  family.  This is raw clay.  Your can see the plastic covered hands keeping moist for fitting the book he will hold.   He will sit on a wooden stool with dinosaurs on his robe.   Finished image to follow!