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Hectate, Greek God of Crossroads

Hectate, Greek God of Crossroads

Hectate, Back View

Hectate, profile viewHectate, Greek Goddess of Crossroads, is my most recent completed authentic antlered female figure.  I created her hollow slab construction using clay armature only.  Patterns are rolled leaf and scroll impressions, with multiple glazes on bisqued Smooth Sculpture clay.  She is second in my series of three antlered figures.

32″ H X 19″ W X 20″ W        $1,900


Artemus, Greek God of the Hunt


ARTIMUS, Greek God of the Hunt

Artemis, Back ViewARTEMUS, GREEK GODDESS OF THE HUNT, second in my series of three authentic antlered female sculptures.   Also sculpted hollow, clay armature only, Smooth Sculpture Clay and impressed lace.  Hand holds on pedestal sides.

20″ H X 16″ W X 16″ D   $1,900


“The WAVE” by Stephanie Schriver

THE WAVE  Hand built slab Sculpture Raku clay construction using clay armature only.  One piece stoneware that can exhibit indoors or outdoors equally.  Impressed coastal rock patterns, layered glazes with iron portal viewing fish in the wave.

38″ H X 18″ W X 29″ L              $4,900





“GOOD MORNING RICHARD” by Stephanie Schriver


This is my husband in the morning!  Hand built slab clay and hollow construction using only clay armature.  “Good Morning Richard” is the first of a family series including the grandfather, grandmother, father, teen age grand daughter and two year old son.   Hand painted glazed stoneware fired as two pieces, fitting together at the waist, similar to a cookie jar with lid.

32″ H X 14″ W X 18″ D   NFS




THE ORNITHOLOGIST is the Father figure in my humorous family.  Hollow clay construction, impressed patterned vest, pockets filled with bird food and maps, removable hat showing a bald head.   He was sold right out of the kiln!

100_6524100_6400BEDTIME STORY this little brother is in my humorous  family.  This is raw clay.  Your can see the plastic covered hands keeping moist for fitting the book he will hold.   He will sit on a wooden stool with dinosaurs on his robe.   Finished image to follow!




Sculpture in progress

This shows what the slab clay looks like before drying, firing, glazing and firing the final time.

It takes about three weeks for this piece to dry enough to be fired because water in the clay will turn to steam during firing and cause an explosion.  The interior is hollow with slab clay armature.

This is100_3415100_3413100_3412100_3410 a commission.



“AFTERNOON NAP” by Stephanie Schriver

Hand built, slab clay glazed stoneware.

These two are separate pieces that interlock for display and separate for easy shipping.

Together they measure:  24″ L X 18″ W X 16″ H




“Dancing Plums” by Stephanie Schriver

Original pastel on acid free sanded paper, custom painted frame

This is one of my food/floral still life series.  The Australian acid free paper has great sanded “tooth” to allow for rich layering of pastel.  The frame is State of Georgia Basswood I order by the linear foot and have custom mitered.

19″ H X 22 1/2″ W


Six good pastel florals & frames 001_edited-1


“SAGE GROUSE” by Stephanie Schriver

Mixed media stoneware

The Sage Grouse lives in eastern California and mid western states and are about the size of a full grown turkey.  Males puff up their breast plates with air while serenading females during mating season.

32″ H X 16″ W X 16″ D





“OPUS ALLEGRO” by Stephanie Schriver

Can be installed outside or inside.

Glazed Stoneware, 36″ H X 30″ W

Opus Allegro depicts musical imagery flowing upwards.  Very compatible in garden settings.


Garden Sculpture